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Anti-Vibrations and Seismic Solutions


Anti-vibrations and Seismic Solutions

  • Suspensions
    Vibrations in the Data Centers can be produced by near works, vehicular traffic, railways or even the own cooling units and the other equipment racked in the Data Center which put noise and vibrations inside the room.

The vibrations cause the system's swaying in an own vibration frequency. If the structure's period (or frequency) coincides with the one of the building or the land where it is based, it happens a phenomenon called "resonance" in which the vibrations' effects are growing, increasingly expanding oscillations are becoming larger by the accumulation of kinetic energy in the interior of the mass.

Floating Slabs

High performance floating slab, is an isolating system of low resonance frequency with containing the isolating integrated elements in the armed slab, with an important isolating anti-vibrations and seismic grade. It is the most suitable to the Data Center environment in which we don't have a real vibrations spectrum that will be produced by an earthquake or possible near civil works, and with a slab of this type we have the possibility of obtain a low resonance frequency or proper frequency system. This solution is widely used in radio and TV studios , recording studio, industrial washing machines, cooling machines, dry and oil electric transformers, boilers, lifts, gyms, bowling alleys, dance halls, cold rooms, tools machines, precision scales, dynamic UPS, printing machines, rotary presses, and much more.

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This patented solution with more than 500 references, is one of the best solutions for Data Centers in design phase to integrate slab system efficiently along with building structure. It is ideal for Data Centers in containers or dynamic UPS.

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Raised Floor Protection

Raised floors units installed in the Data Centers, must be protected against seismic waves, incorporating horizontal containment systems to prevent shaken effect of type P waves. These waves are characterized by a high frequency and acceleration, so the horizontal stops based on vibration Silentflex® steel cushion provides excellent resistance to such waves. Silentflex® seismic retention system has a perfect way to stop the raised floor shake preventing the further reinforcement effort cushions shock applied over the adjoining walls.

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