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Life At Synergix 

Get to know who we are - from the inside out. From our history and culture, to the people behind, get the inside scoop on all things.

Culture and Diversity

Do you wonder whether you’ll fit into our culture? At Synergix, you don’t need to give it a minute’s thought as we value the diversity of each and every one of our people. With each member firm operating independently but united by a common vision, Synergix gives you the opportunity to feel part of a team led by global standards. It is characterized by a combination of leaders and a conducive environment to feed your growth and self exploration while making sure short term objectives are always kept in sight.Diversity is playing an ever increasing role in innovation. The ideas generated by clashing cultures is one of the ways Synergix is able to stay one step ahead. We make sure that operating in a different cultural surrounding does not infringe on ones personal cultural belonging this is don’t through progressive practices and diversity tools that make our candidates feel right at home while also providing opportunities to further develop skills and follow their interests down new roads. 


Learning and Development

We want you to get the most out of your career with Synergix. This means we go to extensive lengths to provide the necessary tools to aid your personal growth and development. Ultimately though, it’s you in the driving seat and up to you as to how far you take the opportunities on offer.Helping you develop : Once you’ve found your niche, we’ll make sure you grow in it. Learning and growth : The business world changes quickly. To stay ahead, we provide a platform of learning through various seminars, workshops, trainings and more.