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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


1-      How many days will it take for the item to be delivered in UAE?

It takes 2-3 business days to deliver an item within UAE. In case of big orders, the delivery happens within 3-5 business days.

2-      Is the Delivery FREE of charge?

No, delivery charges are minimal amount for the delivery expenses based on the volume and weight of the item.

3-      Do you deliver items outside of UAE?

Yes, you can buy items online from our website and select your delivery destination under shipping address.

Once we get the order we will process and ship it to the mentioned delivery destination. Kindly note delivery charges are based on the volume and weight of the item that the amount calculated by us will not cover the customs duty as this is charged by the customs of the destination country.

In case of bank transfer payments, once the amount is received in our bank account within 2-3 working days units will be dispatched.

4-      How much is the delivery and shipping charges for sending heavy items?

The shipping and insurance charges are calculated by volume and weight which might be different for different items.

5-      Can I trace my order/shipment?

If we ship the unit to you, courier shipping reference will be provided by email and also it is accessible in your user profile in Synergix Website.

6-      How do I know my order confirmed?

We will send you an email with confirmation details and it also will be available in your user profile in Synergix website.

7-      Which documents will be alongside my order?

Your Invoice and packing list, please let us know by emailing to onlinesupport@synergix-int.com if you need any other documents as well “Extra charges may apply”.

8-      What do I need to know while shopping online at Synergix-int.com?

Use your official email id

Provide full details of your shipping address along with Landmarks. This will help the delivery person to reach you fast and easily.

While paying through Credit card, please make sure you do not press the payment multiple time and wait for system to process the transaction.

In cases where the FMU (Fraud Management Unit) require verification, we may ask for certain documents (Proof of ID and Copy of the Credit Card.)

9-      Is the payment safe and secure?

Yes, your payment happens online through our 3D secure payment gateway which is Visa verified and MasterCard secured. Your details remain private to you as we do not collect your credit card details.

We accept all internationally accepted Visa and Master, debit and credit cards.

10-   What if I want to cancel my order?

You may cancel your order when the order is not dispatched yet.

11-   I have been delivered a wrong item! What now?

You may refuse to accept the item while delivery. In case of a packed item, do not open the original package. The specifications will be available on the box. Please inform us and we will replace the unit for you.

12-   Are all items sold at Syenrgix-int.com new?

Yes, all products advertised on Synergix-int.com are new and we are the authorized supplier in the region so each item you receive will come with the original manufacturer’s packaging.

13-   Do all products have warranty?

Yes, all products purchased at Synergix-int.com come with a valid warranty. The Invoice is your proof of purchase for warranty claims.

14-   What if I change my mind?

Please contact us at onlinesupport@synergix-int.com. A complete refund will only be possible if your reason for cancelling the order is valid and approved by the management.

15-   What happens if I am not home to accept delivery?

Please contact us at onlinesupport@synergix-int.com and inform us for an alternate schedule 48 hours before delivery schedule.

16-   What if I change my delivery address?

Please contact us at onlinesupport@synergix-int.com and inform us the new address 48 hours before delivery schedule.