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DSX CableAnalyzer™ Series

Accelerates every step of the copper certification process

  1. Versiv™ modular design supports copper certification, fiber optic loss, OTDR testing and fiber end-face inspection
  2. Unmatched speed for Cat 6A, 8, Class FA, I/II and all current standards
  3. ProjX™ system manages job requirements and progress from set-up to systems acceptance, making sure all tests are completed correctly
  4. Taptive™ user interface simplifies set-up, and eliminates errors
  5. Analyze test results and create professional test reports using LinkWare™ management software
  6. Graphically displays the source of failures including crosstalk, return loss and shield faults for faster troubleshooting
  7. Intertek Verified to TIA Level 2G – the most stringent accuracy requirement
  8. Endorsed by cabling vendors worldwide
  9. Built in Alien Crosstalk testing capability
  10. Compatible with Linkware™ Live. Linkware Live enables to easily track job progress, get real-time access to test results to quickly fix problems in the field, and easily transfer and consolidate test results from the tester to LinkWare™ PC Cable Test Management Software.

The DSX CableAnalyzer Series copper test solution enables testing and certification of twisted pair cabling for up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet deployments and will handle any cabling system whether it is a Cat 5e, 6, 6A, 8 or Class FA and I/II. Certifying a cable is one part of a process that starts with system design and ends with system acceptance. The faster that process goes, the more profitable you’ll be. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that slow the process down – setting up the tester incorrectly, testing to the wrong limits, waiting for skilled technicians to analyze and troubleshoot failures, misinterpretation of results, and producing test reports that customers cannot understand.

As part of the Versiv cabling certification product family, the DSX CableAnalyzer Series provides accurate, error-free certification. In the installation business there are multiple teams, varying media types and multiple testing requirements. The difference between being profitable or not is just a few percentage points. The DSX certifies copper cabling, complies with all standards including Level VI/2G accuracy, making jobs easier to manage, and getting to system acceptance faster. It’s not just for the expert technicians and Project Managers. Individuals of various skill levels can improve the set-up, operation, test reporting, and simultaneously manage diverse projects.

Comparing the DSX-8000 and DSX-5000

The DSX CableAnalyzer Series family is based on two modules: the DSX-5000 and DSX-8000. The DSX-5000 certifies twisted pair Cat 5e, 6, 6A and Class FA cabling with limits up to 1000 MHz. The DSX-8000 certifies twisted pair Cat 5e, 6, 6A, 8 and Class I/II cabling with limits up to 2000 MHz.

  Copper Certification
  DSX-8000 CableAnalyzer™ DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™
Category 6A / Class EA test time 8 seconds 10 seconds
Category 8 / Class I/II test time 15 seconds  
HDTDX/HDTDR diagnostic test times ≈ 3 seconds ≈ 3 seconds
Internal memory ≈ 5,000 Cat 8 with plots
≈ 12,000 Cat 6A with plots
≈ 12,000 Cat 6A with plots
Level V Accuracy (1 GHz)
Level VI/2G Accuracy (2 GHz)  
Resistance Unbalance measurement
Shield integrity check
TCL measurement
ELTCTL measurement
CDNEXT measurement
CMRL measurement
Built in Alien XTalk module
Channel Adapter 2 GHz Range 1 GHz Range
Permanent Link Adapter 2 GHz Range 1 GHz Range
Optional Accessories
Patch cord adapters Category 5e, 6 and 6A patch cord Category 5e, 6 and 6A patch cord
Coax Adapter
M12 Adapter
TERA Adapter Coming Summer 2017
GG45 Adapter Coming Summer 2017

Unique Features:

  1. Versiv enables users to accomplish more than ever before with a cable tester, by accelerating every step of the testing process
  2. LinkWare Live cloud service lets the Project Manager remotely set up the testers, monitor job progress and even location from any smart device
  3. ProjX™ management system eases tasks from initial set-up of a job to system acceptance. It eliminates redundant steps, and ensures that all tests are completed correctly the first time, and every time
  4. Taptive™ user interface puts advanced data analysis and easy set-up and operation at the fingertips of technicians of all skill levels
  5. LinkWare PC management software provides unmatched analysis of test results and professional test reports
  6. The DSX reduces the time required to fix cabling faults with dedicated diagnostics, a simple test that locates the problem


  1. Compliant with ANSI/TIA-1152-A Level 2G and proposed standard IEC 61935-1 Ed. 5 Level VI field tester accuracy requirements to 2000 MHz
  2. Supports the complete suite of Resistance Unbalance standards needed for Power over Ethernet (PoE) –IEEE 802.3bt, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568, ISO/IEC 11801 series documents
  3. TCL and ELTCTL measurements compliant to IEC 61935-1-1 (Draft)
  4. Screen continuity along path of cabling


  1. Eight second Cat 6A test time contributes to the fastest way to gain certification
  2. Graphically displays the source of failures including crosstalk and distance to shield faults for faster troubleshooting
  3. Manage up to 12,000 Cat 6A test results with full graphics
  4. Capacitive touchscreen allows quick tester setup with easily selectable cable types, standards and testing parameters
  5. Over 1 billion links reported on LinkWare PC management software

ProjX™ Management System Manages Complex Jobs with Ease

Manage up to 12,000 Cat 6A test results with full graphics

Managing the testing of multiple jobs with multiple teams, testers, and requirements is time consuming and a source of errors. Increasingly larger jobs make project organization more important than ever. The new ProjX management system on the DSX CableAnalyzer Series provides individual project files for all job specific details to be saved under a simple name, eliminating the need to re-enter job specific details after starting a project. This minimizes set-up errors or lost files when switching from one job to another or utilizing multiple testers on a single job. In addition, it provides test results by cable ID, merges any changes without duplicates and defaults to the last copper or fiber module installed. ProjX management system provides real time status to completion on each job with a 0-100% scale and gives the operator the option to isolate any test requiring a second look and helps to assure nothing is overlooked. The "Fix Later" selection creates a punch list or automatic to do list for correcting any workmanship issues. ProjX enables project managers and crew leaders to be truly efficient.

Project Setup screen
Project menu screen shows 
percent complete per job.
Project Menu Screen Specific screen shows up to the minute project details.
Project Test Setup Screen
Set-up or view test limits, and 
testing attributes.

Performs with Unsurpassed Speed

Eight second Cat 6A test time and the fastest way to submit your certification results

No tester offers so much speed for so many tests. Complete copper certification to Cat 6A in 8 seconds or certify two fibers at two wavelengths in just 3 seconds. Endorsements by cabling vendors worldwide assure that Versiv is the fastest way to project completion and system acceptance. Quickly get a Pass or Fail result and easily review individual test parameters by value or drill into specific area on a graph.

Passing Test Results
LinkWare™ Live Test Results Management Service

LinkWare™ PC Cable Test Management Software

Versiv Platform is Ready for Today's and Tomorrow's Jobs
Troubleshoot Like an Expert - Graphically displays the source of failures including crosstalk and distance to shield faults for faster troubleshooting

The DSX reduces the time required to fix cabling faults with dedicated diagnostics, a simple 1 button test runs all tests and saves all data. The graphical results screen allows you to look down the cable to see exactly where any cross talk, return loss or shield faults are located on any given link. Previous testers had frequency limits of their diagnostic capabilities of up to 250 MHz only, but the DSX CableAnalyzer Series removes this limitation. This common view is easily interpreted by novice and expert users alike to isolate and act on any failed results quickly and is stored with the test result for remote analysis.

HTDTX shows the far end connection is clearly the issue   Feature Simple Diagnostics

High Definition Time Domain Crosstalk (HTDTX) shows the far end connection in clearly the issue

Features simple diagnostics based decades of Fluke Networks troubleshooting experience

Shield continuity historically is a direct current (DC) measurement with no distance to fault available. Other testers run a simple resistance test to verify that the shield has continuity. These tests have been shown to be inaccurate, sometime confusing a ground path as shield continuity and not correctly identifying a break in the shield. Other testers may tell you there is a break in a shield, but not pinpoint the exact location giving no indication of where to start rework. The DSX CableAnalyzer Series is the first field tester to report distance to any shield integrity issues, reporting the true status of the screen continuity. This is especially important in\ datacenters and Cat 8 installations where screen continuity is critical to maintaining alien crosstalk performance of screened cabling.

Wiremap Shows Distance to fault, break and short



Cable Types

Shielded and unshielded pair LAN cabling

TIA Category 3, 4, 5, 5e, 6, 6A, 8: 100 Ω
ISO/IEC Class C, D, E, EA, F, FA and I/II: 100 Ω and 120 Ω


Standard Link Interface Adapters

Permanent link adapters

Plug type: shielded RJ45
Optional Plug type: Tera (for DSX-5000 only, DSX-8000 version available summer 2017)

Channel Adapters

Jack type: shielded RJ45
Optional Jack type: Tera (for DSX-5000 only, DSX-8000 version available summer 2017)


Test Standards


Category 3, 4, 5, 5e, 6, 6A, 8 per TIA 568-C.2


Class C and D, E, EA, F, FA and I/II certification per ISO/IEC

Maximum frequency

DSX-8000: 2000 MHz;
DSX-5000: 1000 MHz


General Specifications

Speed of Autotest

DSX-8000: Full 2-way Autotest of Category 5e or 6/Class D or E: 7 seconds. Full 2-way Autotest of Category 6A/Class EA8 seconds. Full 2-way Autotest of Category 8: 16 seconds

DSX-5000: Full 2-way Autotest of Category 5e or 6/Class D or E: 9 seconds. Full 2-way Autotest of Category 6A/Class EA10 seconds

Supported test parameters (The selected test standard determines the test parameters and the frequency range of the tests)

Wire Map, Length, Propagation Delay, Delay Skew, DC Loop Resistance, Insertion Loss (Attenuation), Return Loss (RL), NEXT, Attenuation-to-crosstalk Ratio (ACR-N), ACR-F (ELFEXT), Power Sum ACR-F (ELFEXT), Power Sum NEXT, Power Sum ACR-N, Power Sum Alien Near End Xtalk (PS ANEXT), Power Sum Alien Attenuation Xtalk Ratio Far End (PS AACR-F)

Input protection

Protected against continuous telco voltages and 100 mA over-current. Occasional ISDN over-voltages will not cause damage


5.7 in LCD display with a projected capacitance touchscreen


High impact plastic with shock absorbing overmold


Main Versiv unit with DSX module and battery installed: 2.625 in x 5.25 in x 11.0 in (6.67 cm x 13.33 cm x 27.94 cm)


Main Versiv unit with DSX module and battery installed: 3 lbs, 5oz (1.28 kg)

Main unit and remote:

Lithium ion battery pack, 7.2 V

Typical battery life:

8 hours

Charge time*

Tester off: 4 hours to charge from 10 % capacity to 90 % capacity.

Languages supported

English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Trad Chinese, Czech, Polish, Swedish, Hungarian


Service center calibration period is 1 year


Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature

32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C)

Storage Temperature

-14°F to +140°F (-10°C to +60°C)

Operating relative humidity

0 % to 90 %, 32°F to 95 °F (0°C to 35°C)
0 % to 70 %, 95°F to 113 °F (35°C to 45°C)


Random, 2 g, 5 Hz-500 Hz


1 m drop test with and without module and adapter


CSA 22.2 No. 61010, IEC 61010-1 3rd Edition

Operating altitude

13,123 ft (4,000 m)
10,500 ft (3,200 m) with ac adapter


EN 61326-1


Performance Specifications **


Category 8 test modes (or lower link categories)

ANSI/TIA-1152 Level 2G

Class I/II test modes

Proposed standard IEC 61935-1 Ed. 5 Level VI


Category 6A/Class EA test modes (or lower link categories)

Exceed Level IIIe requirements of TIA 1152 and Level IV of IEC 61935-1.

Class FA test modes

Exceed Level V requirements as in the draft 4th edition of IEC 61935-1.


Length of Twisted Pair Cabling1


Without Remote

With Remote


800 m (2600 ft)

150 m (490 ft)


0.1 m or 1 ft

0.1 m or 1 ft


± (0.3 m + 2 %); 0 m to 150 m
± (0.3 m + 4 %); 150 m to 800 m

± (0.3 m + 2 %)


Propagation Delay


Without Remote

With Remote


4000 ns

750 ns


1 ns

1 ns


± (2 ns + 2 %); 0 ns to 750 ns
± (2 ns + 4 %); 750 ns to 4000 ns

± (2 ns + 2 %)


Delay Skew


0 ns to 100 ns


1 ns


± 10 ns


DC Loop Resistance Test


0 Ω to 540 Ω


0.1 Ω


± (1 Ω + 1 %)

Overload recovery time

Less than 10 minutes to rated accuracy following an overvoltage. Referencing is required after repeated or prolonged overvoltage.

Kit Components:

1 Versiv Mainframe & Remote, (2) DSX-8000 CableAnalyzer modules, (2) CertiFiber Quad OLTS modules, OptiFiber Quad OTDR module, Set of Cat 8/Class I Permanent Link Adapters, Set of Cat 8/Class 1 Channel Adapters, (2) Headsets, (2) HandStraps, (2) Shoulder Straps, Hard sided Carry Case, USB Interface Cable, Versiv Open Source Software CD, (2) AC Chargers, (2) Universal Couplers, (2) AxTalk Terminators, (2) Quick Clean Cleaners (1.25/2.50 mm), SC/SC Simplex adapters, 2 SC/LC Multimode Launch Cables—50 µm, 2 SC/LC Singlemode Launch Cable—9 µm, USB Fiber Inspection Video Probe with 4 Tips, (2) LC/LC Simplex Adapter, SC/LC EF-Compliant MM TRC Kit 50 µm, SC/LC SM TRC Kit, TRC Carry Case, Statement of Calibration and Getting Started Guides.

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